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Two news stories

Two news stories have been sent not long ago. I mentioned in the previous article that it is nothing more than a matter of moral kidnapping, so that the parties to these two things are very difficult to let go! We really have to admit that we humans are really making progress Marlboro Cigarettes. Of course, this includes the fact that we are devouring some of the so-called traditional virtues left by the ancients, whether it is respect for the elderly, all kinds of elderly people��s deaf events, or Parents, children abandoned by their parents, these things will not happen often, but once they happen, those so-called good people, or bystanders will use the traditional virtues of our Chinese nation to hinder your choice. Is the so-called moral abduction, if everyone is now Baidu: What are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation? You will see: eight words: loyalty, filial piety, honesty, faith, rites, righteousness, honesty, shameful loyalty Responsibility, filial piety - endless love, sincerity - the quality and faith of truth-seeking and pragmatism - the basis of the foundation of the industry, the ceremony - the norm of human civilization, the righteousness - the guide of the right path of the human world, the integrity - innocent Foundation, shame - the bottom line of human beings is only for ordinary people like us, these virtues are related to a problem, that is, whether they are willing or not What you don't want is good virtue. It will make you hard to remember that I was in Guangzhou last year. I once went to the subway. I saw a family entering the subway station. One of the old ladies took the grandson. It seems that I was looking for a seat, so I got up and prepared to make a seat, but I was pushed to the side by the old man before I opened the door Newport Cigarettes Coupons. There were so many people on the subway. I almost didn��t stand and I saw the old man holding his grandson. There is also the point of squeezing to the side of the seat, let the grandson and herself stand alone. First of all, I respect the old and let the seat be a virtue. But this virtue makes me uncomfortable. A seat does not explain anything. We are young people Cheap Cigarettes. Not accounting, but one push, two squeeze, three don't thank you (this is also a virtue, not that I must say this thank you, but this is the basic courtesy)! Some people may say that this is a small matter, why should you come up with it, but if you look at the information online, would you dare to help the elderly? Do you dare to fight against it? Do you dare to do these traditional virtues? You will hesitate Cigarettes Online, because we would rather have more things than one thing. Traditional virtues can be eaten, so I said that the traditional virtues that make you feel uncomfortable are not as good as the old virtues. Some people will say: No What do you help with your collision? You said that the square dance is small, how many families are forced to sell at low prices in order to stay away from the square dance? You said that the college entrance examination is small (this should not be small in the eyes of some prospective Jackie Chan parents, but everyone knows that the college entrance examination is actually nothing), but the college entrance examination day asks, don��t you test the rich second generation you played? In order to let the children take the college entrance examination, the parents are guilty of falsehood. It is a virtue to leave the old man after the test. Let these young people dare not help. It is a virtue to let the elderly pass the good old age, but those old people They are more energetic than us. They dance more than the young people of ours; let the children take the college entrance examination, the children are big virtues, but the scores in different regions are different Newport Cigarettes, because the geographical differences are different, resulting in high scores after several years. The children in the field are moving bricks, and the children with low scores are the virtues of the engineers. The Chinese nation of 5,000 years, these virtues make us young people afraid, and these so-called virtues will slowly disappear. Until one day, everyone will only think this way, the old man can't help, the old man can't be respected, the child's college entrance examination is useless, and so on, so China is really hopeless!
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