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Beginning to read and

Beginning to read and read literacy, all the books read: Suffering is a fortune, I am lucky. I have this wealth. This wealth, I inherit the father of my own, the father of the inheritance of the ancestors. Because there is no wealth and rights passed on to future generations, they have to make hardships and difficulties as a fixed production. The generations of generations have been passed down to the countryside. When they are out of school, they have to help their families to mowing their grass. They have learned at the age of seven or eight. When the farmers are busy, they help the adults who work in the fields to cook and eat. They often eat a kind of sweet potato noodles. They are smashed on a piece of iron plate nailed with nails. The interception is called "the rural people"things. Also eat pure black potato steamed "black nest", pure corn noodles steamed "yellow fruit cake adult, working outside the home: experienced severe cold and heat, slept through the tent floor, over the building repair road, walked through the Gobi, went to the desert. Counting it down, it should be a lot of bitterness. Sometimes I think about it and ask myself: "You feel bitter to say really: I really didn't feel particularly bitter. This seems to be my ordinary life. It is the ordinary life of many people. I don't know if anyone will say: "This is the wealth left by us. The long-term hardships and hardships have strengthened our tenacious character. I disagree. This kind of point of view, a person who occasionally eats very bitter things, will feel very bitter; occasionally eating very sweet things will feel very sweet, if repeated eating, the "bitter" feeling and "sweet" feeling will decline Buy Cheap Newports, change It��s not ��sweet�� and ��bitter�� itself, but the bitterness of our numbness. If it becomes normal, ��suffering�� itself has not changed, but our nerves have become numb and written here, I think of that. The word "insensitive" is the repeated stimulation of some things, and the resulting "numbness" of "indifferent" and "indifferent" portrayal shows that suffering itself is not a good thing, and it is not worth pursuing and guarding. Wealth, then who is misled by our worldview? Is this just a self-comfort that is not available for a better life? Or it��s just ��the emperor��s new dress��, everyone can see through it. Unwilling to break the false proposition CCTV once did a show, is to interview people, ask them "are you happy? After confirming people's happiness index, I asked myself if I interviewed me, how would I answer, I am happy? I used to think that I was happy: children and children, family harmony, eating and living I can still earn a little pocket money, but I need to go out to earn money to support my family just seven days after my daughter��s birth. It��s often a few months to go, or not to go home once a year. Parents have to raise us and we have to help. We raise children. This is not what I want. I want my parents to raise us. Now let's raise them. I want my children to raise them. But I can't do this. We only inherit the "suffering." "This wealth, I have not become the owner of power and the distribution of resources Cigarettes For Sale Cheap, but we are willing to fight for a better life. After all, the society has left us a little bit of the right to fight. If suffering is still wealth, I would rather be a Defeat the family, let him lose in my hands, leave more material wealth to the children, more pure spiritual pursuit who wants me to hold this wealth, I will tell him: "Don't tease That��s just a bag that I��m going to get rid of. This is the first time in my life to witness the departure of my loved ones. Perhaps it��s the recent departure to witness this farewell. I only know that my tears have lost my eyes from yesterday. Today, my eyes hurt so much that I can't open it... I finally understand that I am afraid of parting, I am not strong enough. I want to live longer, so I can see more of this world. This world is wonderful, wonderful. The richness of the world has created our enamel life. It is rich and rich. It only sighs for one's own life. It is precious to enjoy life by yourself. It is not long to say a long life. It is short and short, many times, when we want to When it comes to cherishing, it��s already like a world, it��s too late. Why don't we take advantage of this wonderful time, take a look, walk more, and appreciate the diversity of the world? Even the small scenery on the side of the road is worthy of the future. The deceased, such as Sifu, is a happy death, but the people who leave are not aware, the living people cover their faces and cry, but our days are still long, we can only accept the departure of our loved ones, only silently Sad, no one can accompany who to the end, I think I am not strong enough, so I want to live longer, really want to see more of this world, let these beautiful things stay somewhere in my heart, I think, I have no regrets in my life. I want to live longer. I can spend more time with you. We are growing up. We are also old, and while we are old, our parents are getting old. We are We can't change the progress of time. We can only spend more time with our closest relatives. I will leave some unforgettable memories. I am a loved one to the ultimate person. When I leave home, I will always miss my family. At the beginning of the university, it is a phone call to the home every week, so that you can feel at ease. If I can live longer, I can accompany my dear ones, talk, talk, talk about the heart, and life is known. Take them to see the outside, take them to eat a delicious meal, take them out to play, do their due diligence, thank them for raising us, we should be grateful, thank God for giving us a good kindness My parents are grateful, everything will be very good, and I want to live longer. I have to do something that I haven��t done yet. It��s really short. I still have a lot of things that I haven��t done yet. I want to I will live longer, do things that I have not done yet, and I cannot let myself leave any regrets. This is what I have been pursuing for the rest of my life. My dreams are realized one by one. I believe that I can write another ten years. The novel may still be written old. I hope that I will be able to put my emotions in the story all my life. This is what I have not done. It is like a serial story. My life is not in the end, then my story will not end me. I live longer, I don't know if I can still be strong. I am not strong enough. I am not strong enough. I witnessed this farewell for the first time. When I was still giving lessons to students yesterday, my husband called and said that my grandfather had gone. Because the students are still there, I can only hold back tears, and after I have left the students, I am riding a battery car alone, dark night, at least, I can cry, no one can see, let the tears I blurred my eyes Cigarettes Online Usa Only, but I still refused to go home. When I saw my mother-in-law cooking, I asked her, "Mom, is the grandfather walking in the afternoon? Is it still good when I go to work?" Did not say it, tears have blurred his eyes, back to the room, wipe the tears, went to see the grandfather's last look, I bite my lips, tears in the eyelids. The little coward told me that this is a happy mourning Cheap Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, don't be sad, but why am I still very sad? Feelings shed tears. I had been sleeping lightly last night, and I couldn��t sleep at night Newport Short Carton. After all, I was not strong enough. The moment my grandfather was carried in, I could feel that all the people were red, my sleeves were wet by me, but I couldn��t stop it, my grandfather, all the way. I want to live longer. I want to see the day when my sons and grandchildren are full. I want to wait until that day. Even if I leave, I have no regrets. The children and grandchildren are full of children, and the children and grandchildren have their own children, and they have been passed down from generation to generation. From generation to generation, people are In this way, when you are alive, when you are alive and kicking, you can leave, but nothing is wrong. I hope that the day I left, I can drift in the wind and drift to the place I want to go. I hope that I can be strong again in the afterlife. Dust to dust, soil to earth, where to come, where to go, where is the return? I don't know, I only hope that there will be no regrets in this life. I want to live longer, and then die like a lamp. After the separation, I will say goodbye. At the door of the crematorium, I gathered a lot of people. The last one said goodbye to tears. The people who are leaving are willing to be in another world. Goodbye, grandfather. If yes, let me bury the sea when I am leaving, as the sea drifts everywhere... After all, it is just a cloud of smoke.

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